The vision of a 7 month old baby

My baby is 7 months old today and there are already very significant changes. We have just started the complementary feeding and it has not been an easy start although I assume part of the responsibility and now I will explain why. The development of his vision is also evident and he has become a great observer. He has me madly in love with his gaze, what am I going to tell you … but do you know how he sees a 7-month-old baby? If you keep reading, I’ll tell you.

The fact of working from home and reducing my level of work at the beginning has made me relax a lot with the issue of food and ended up leaving everything for “tomorrow.” The “tomorrow” has already become 7 months in which I still do not see him ready to start the Baby Led Weaning, you know, the “technique” of feeding the baby based on solids directly without having to go through purees. I don’t even see him ready to continue with purees. So yes, we do continue with exclusive breastfeeding.
With Ares, it was all easier although I also started earlier. But with Goran, I have no need to run. I have grown tired of listening to everyone and have decided to do what I think is best for him.

A few days ago I published a video on my social networks giving Goran the porridge and where you could clearly see its extrusion reflex. There were tips and comments of all kinds, that if the porridge was too thick (I explained in the comments that we gave it more liquid at the beginning but not closing his mouth he dropped it all), that he put it better in a bottle ( I also explained in the comments that it does not accept any nipples that are not my own), or that it directly goes from cereal porridge and goes directly to fruit, vegetables, and meat. I thank you so much for all your advice that you are a true source of inspiration for me.

He is as curious as to his brother and begins to babble pa pa pa pa and do pedreretas. He’s nice like him only and laughs just by looking at him. Sometimes I can’t even look at him while I breastfeed because he stops doing it to laugh. I drool when he recognizes me coming from a distance and totally changes his face to enthusiasm. It is noted that the color vision has already developed (this occurs between two and four months). He already recognizes the objects and searches for them. He observes the faces with great attention and differentiates the sounds: my voice, the music of the toys, to the grandparents … But what he likes most is to observe Ares doing his own and always laughs with him.

I wonder since when he could see me clearly. That’s why I started researching and discovered the Vision Direct application designed by a UK optician, which allows you to see how a baby’s vision develops in its first year and read a lot of advice about its development. It is a very simple tool to use and you only need to indicate the baby’s age to get an idea of ​​his field of vision in each age group. You have to try it! It is super interesting.

But with all this, the less beautiful part comes, that dependence that we have created, that eye !, I do not say that it is not good, but that like all the addictions, they should be able to be regulated, although in that case, it would stop being an addiction. I feel right at that moment in which I cannot do anything that occupies me more than a certain time frame and with this comes the conflict: work meetings, possibility of spending time for myself or even the inability to escape with my partner alone one night (I’m looking forward to it, I’m not going to cheat you). To this is added stress that at this point I see totally unnecessary. Do you know what I’m talking about? And if you are thinking about why I do not give a bottle, I already tell you that we have tried almost all of them, including those that simulate breastfeeding by the type of suction, different teats, the most anatomical and similar to the maternal nipple, with my milk.

So we have no other, wait and guide us for their time. No hurry, no pressure. But never stop smiling.


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