Best baby bibs: Prices and opinions

Every mother knows that the accessory that can never be missing on a newborn baby during its first months of life is the best bibs for babies. And neither can a few spare bibs to carry in the bag, because at certain times they never seem to be enough. This small piece of cloth tied around the baby’s neck has been a constant presence for many, many years, but over time it has evolved considerably to become as comfortable and functional as possible.

Prices of the best baby bibs for newborn babies

This product can be considered affordable for everyone, but the variety of models goes hand in hand with the variety of purchase costs. The cheapest are certainly the disposable ones, since they are simply paper and usually sold in supermarkets in packs of multiple pieces and you start from a minimum cost of about 3/4 euros.

Needless to say, being disposable, this will be a weekly or almost weekly expense. Going up a little bit of price we find the most traditional bibs. Those in sponge and machine washable. In this case the price starts from about 5 euros each. But before the wear and tear forces us to buy new ones, these will be able to withstand the washing in the washing machine for a long time.

Finally, the most expensive are the silicone bibs, which cost around 10 euros. However, it is enough to have a few pieces as all you need is a sponge bath or (for some) a dishwasher to make them look like new.

Features of baby bibs

Nowadays we can find different bibs on the market, depending on the age of the newborn baby and the reason why it needs to be worn. For the first days of your baby’s life, we can buy small bibs made of soft and natural fabrics, especially useful in case the baby has some regurgitation.

They can be simple or maybe embellished with precious fabric inserts, or even personalized thanks to the embroidered name. Let’s say that in this case the bib is enhanced by its aesthetic appearance, compared to its functional side. A more fashionable version of this type of bib can be found in the so-called “bandana” bibs. Small, but very absorbent, they fasten behind the neck and on the front. Their pointed shape recalls that of a bandana.

When the child grows up, it is necessary to use bibs with characteristics that are more practical. Since they are used during meals and must therefore perform their function in the best possible way: to avoid or at least limit the dirtying of clothes. The most classic is the sponge bib. It absorbs well especially the most liquid meals. It is soft and therefore does not bother the child. It can be washed safely in the washing machine even at high temperatures.

There are various sizes, depending on the age of the child and the type of meal he or she has, we will find the one that best suits his or her needs. A very modern variant are the silicone bibs with a food collection pocket on the bottom. They are identical to a classic bib. They collect the food that does not end up in the mouth in the special pocket. They prevent it from ending up on clothes and on the floor. Since they are made of silicone, a damp sponge is enough to clean them. A middle way between these two types of bibs is the one with a waterproof layer underneath, but covered with cotton sponge on top so as not to irritate the baby’s skin.

Benefits of baby bibs

The fact that the bib is a fundamental element when we are dealing with a child is highlighted by how much care is taken by the manufacturers who market this product. If initially the only way to fasten a bib was to weave its two cords, which is far from easy with a very small or very hungry child, today most of these accessories are equipped with an elastic band that is simply slipped over the head of the newborn.

Alternatively, there are types in which the fabric of the bib, instead of ending in two cords, goes all the way around the neck, until it closes with a very comfortable clip or Velcro closure on the front.

With regard to the various fabrics and materials that I compose to try to avoid halos, stains and wet clothes, if it is still not enough and the child manages to get dirty far beyond the front part of the bust, you can buy bibs with sleeves, which are inserted from the front and close at the back. If we find ourselves in particular situations, or if we don’t want to waste time washing bibs dirty with baby food, there are also disposable bibs that take this commitment away from us.

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