5 recommendations to help calm your baby with colic

One of the greatly feared symptoms of the newborn baby is colic. In my case, we only suffered them with Goran during the first month of life approximately (with Ares barely) and it can be desperate. 30% of babies suffer from infant colic during the first months of life and the baby’s crying becomes desperate, especially for a first-time mother full of doubts.

It is difficult to remain calm in those moments, but that is precisely what we should convey to them. And of course, we must first rule out any other pathology you may have visiting the pediatrician who will tell you what you can take in these cases.

Here I share 5 recommendations to calm the baby in colic situations:

  1. Skin to skin contact. Let them feel not only that you are close but that they can hear your heartbeat. It also worked by giving him soft kisses on the forehead and rocking it very close to the chest.
  1. Move it with a constant rhythm or swing it lying on the sidearm (with the palm of the hand in the abdominal area)
  1. May I hear your voice through a lullaby or words of love in a soothing voice. In my case, sometimes just humming calmed him.
  1. In some cases, the pacifier may also work, as it is a great anxiolytic for babies in stress and exhaustion.
  1. Massages Perform a massage by pressing with circular movements around the navel, clockwise.

If none of this works, you can also help yourself with probiotics like Reuteri in drops, which will help you manage diarrheal episodes and regulate digestion by reducing constipation and relieving your abdominal pain.

This particular product is backed by the SEGHNP (Spanish Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) and its effectiveness has been proven in a study where 74% of babies were able to reduce their crying after giving them 5 drops a day in a week and a 90.5% increase the treatment to 3 weeks.

And for those of you who are suffering this tell you that you are calm, that you will finally see the light and that this phase fortunately passes. So Armaros all the patience that you can and above all I recommend very attached during this phase.
(In the published image you can see me with Ares more than 3 years ago in his first days of life. Ains … what times!)

And you, how have you relieved your baby’s cramps?

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